Talk To Me Internet — Now What #Trump #TheResistance

by Shelton Bumgarner

I honestly don’t know what happens next. We seem kind of screwed. There is no end game. We’re just careening out of control into a dark and unknown future.

Talk To Me Internet — #Trump, #Writing a #Novel & Being #Woke #TheResistance

by Shelton Bumgarner

I talk a lot about Trump in these. I also talk a lot about how odd it is that so many people in the exiled Blab community care one way or the other about my political views. It’s all very flattering since generally no one cares about me unless I owe them money. I also talk a little bit about the novel I’m working on, which at this point I’m afraid is going to be 2,000 pages.

But I’m just working on the outline right now.

Talk To Me Internet: Trump Is A Quisling & Thoughts On A Novel

by Shelton Bumgarner

Things are pretty crazy now. I think Donald Trump directed Gen. Flynn to talk to the Russians. If that is so, that would be treasonous. But unfortunatly, it will take forever for that to come out. It could be two years or more before anything comes of it.

‘A Good & Just War’ — Is Trump Crazy Enough To Wag The Dog Using North Korea?

by Shelton Bumgarner

I used to say when I lived in South Korea that problems were solved in one of two ways — either it was done in a really weird way or there was a fistfight. So, as Donald Trump barely muddles through the first month of his administration, it seems like it would make a lot of sense for him to “wag the dog” using a war with North Korea.

Now, let me stress, I don’t want this to happen. I don’t want this to happen at all. I know and love a few people in South Korea who would be dead as a doornail should the worst happen and North Korea attack South Korea. There pretty much wouldn’t be any warning if such an attack happened. When I was in South Korea, I kept asking the question of how much notice we would have should North Korea decide to attack and no one would give me a straight answer.

Anyway, what is so problematic all of this is it would be very, very easy for Trump to sell a war with North Korea because, well, North Korea is horrible. Simply horrible. It’s the worst regime on earth by a long shot and it would be easy to use a war with North Korea as a huge distraction that would give Trump’s presidency the breathing room it needed to survive.

Do I think this will happen? I honestly can’t say. It could go either way. What I am most concerned about is that Trump will, through sheer mismanagement of the situation, cause an otherwise avoidable war. Should such a horrible war start, I can honestly say once the initial shock wore off and I knew the people I know in the area were safe, I would probably support it simply because it needs to be done eventually.

The next few days and weeks will be telling. It could be a lot less than that. I could be a few hours if things get really bad for Trump as quickly as all of us suspect. But I don’t know. I just don’t know. Everything is up in the air and could go either way. I probably and overthinking things as always.

Talk To Me Internet — #Novel #GenFlynn #Resist #Flynnghazi

By Shelton Bumgarner

Neither one of these is all that prepared, in fact, they’re not prepared at all. But they are worth watching, I guess. They’re interesting in their own way. I enjoyed doing them. I really miss having a “show.” There is so much to talk about. But, alas, that is the past.

Anarchy In Trumplandia

by Shelton Bumgarner

Whoa buddy. I don’t know what to tell you about these times. Things are getting really weird really fast. The revelations about Gen. Flynn keep coming. And then today we discover that then-acting Attorney General Sally Yates tried to warn Donald Trump about Gen. Flynn being compromised by the Russians and he did nothing.

Weird times, guys. Weird times indeed.

I don’t know what to say.

What happens next is anyone’s guess. It’s not like Congress is going to impeach him or anything. We’re doomed. Totally doomed.

Though, I will note that even though there is no endgame, the Republic can’t take much more of this. Something is going to happen, something dramatic. We can’t have this anarchy shooting out of the White House for two more years. This is just crazy. All of this is just crazy.

I struggle to figure out how all of this is going to end. I just don’t know. It’s weird. It’s weird that things seem to be coming apart at the seems and there is nothing that is going to stop it.

We are in Vichy America and the only people who can save us is us.

‘The Ballad Of Sally Yates’ — Lyrics To A Jaunty Pop-Rock Anti-Trump Protest Song

Again, I am just screwing around. No one gives a crap about any of these lyrics, but I feel like telling stories in verse, so you get this.

The Ballad of Sally Yates
lyrics by Shelton Bumgarner
please give credit if you produce or perform

she tells the truth
block the forces of evil
but what happens to her
but she loses her job, oh yeah
so what can she do
she tells it like it is
does her thing
now she’s a martyr for cause
just you wait and see

now we’re all ready
ready to see
what happens next
she try to warn us about Gen. Flynn
tried to warn Trump she did
but what happen I ask you
what happened indeed
she was ignored
now we’ve got trouble on our hands

Sally Yates is the woman for us
she’ll help us out in our time of need
Sally Yates is the woman for us
she’ll bring evil to heel

what happens next
I just don’t know
but we’ll see I guess
maybe she’ll find herself a senator
or better yet a president

but that’s the future
that is indeed
we’re just getting started
Sally Yates is our hero
she’ll lead the way
to victory